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  • Claire Sampson (Thursday, January 10 19 05:19 pm GMT)

    Anisha's classes are so much fun. I look forward to every class. It doesn't feel like a slog, or like exercise. You get to loose yourself in the music for an hour and come out feeling amazing! Everyone is really supportive.

  • Hester (Thursday, January 10 19 01:58 pm GMT)

    One of the best classes I’ve been to in the area, full of energy and fun. Couldn’t believe I burnt so many calories and took so many steps. Highly recommended

  • Lettice (Sunday, May 15 16 03:41 am BST)

    Inlctligenee and simplicity - easy to understand how you think.

  • Anna Hall (Friday, August 08 14 08:42 pm BST)

    Absolutely love these sessions. With Anisha's motivation I keep going and Im shrinking too! You wont feel intimidated, we are all different shapes and sizes. If I can do it, anyone can. Come along
    and give it a go x

  • katie (Friday, August 08 14 09:08 am BST)

    As a unfit, over weight tv adict I thought I give it a go. Best thing I did I love it. Great music great fun and work at your pace. I recommend zumba. Anisha is great too she makes it enjoyable.

  • Jen Howes (Thursday, July 24 14 10:21 am BST)

    100% Love it, Anisha makes it fun, I have been to a few exercise classes but I don't stick to going - it gets boring for me. I have been going for a few months now and I cant get enough :)

  • Anna Hill (Thursday, July 17 14 07:27 pm BST)

    Only started Zumba a couple months ago but I am completely addicted, this is the first exercise I have found that I do because I love it rather than just because I know I should be doing it! Anisha
    is fab and brings fun and energy to every class. Definitely give it a go!

  • Kim Martin (Thursday, July 17 14 08:23 am BST)

    It's great fun, with great music and great people. I love it and Anisha is sooooo motivating that I haven't missed a session since I started going 3 months ago, and for me, that's a record where
    exercise is concerned! :-)

  • Natalie Merrick (Thursday, July 17 14 07:48 am BST)

    Fun and full of energy. The mix of songs and routines were great. There is definitely something for everyone. Value for money! See you for the next session.

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